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Estimate the saving in steam cost that would be made per year if this 8 cm steam line were covered with 85% magnesia pipe covering 5 cm thick. Take room temperature to be 25C, the cost of steam is 65 cents per 1000 kg. thermal conductivity of magnesia k = 0.0745 W/m-K, unit convective coefficient of room air, ho = 12 W/m2-K. a. $ 305

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Efficiency: Many train tanks are designed to be in contact with, and be heated by, the boiler. Pre-heated water will reach boiling point faster than the colder water available from a tender. On the other hand, excessively hot water can interfere with steam injector operation and is to be avoided.

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Alde wet central heating and hot water system with 5 year Glycol, boiler with integrated pump and iNet ready programmable LCD touch screen control panel Whale Water Master mains connection Whale Watermaster inlet point – intelligent control with high flow submersible pump

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